This past Saturday, 03 February 2018, we attended our first Phenomenal Women Event of the year. The event held at Cubana, in Bloemfontein, and featured the likes of book authors, CEO’s and the MEC Benny Malakoane as speakers of the day.

A few speakers, including the President of the organisation, Thato Mokhothu, encouraged women to go beyond the borders of South Africa in their business dealings. On that note, Mrs Matekane presented the women with the opportunities that are available in Lesotho, in various fields like Energy, Mining and Manufacturing.

The MEC, Benny Malakoane, could not have emphasised more on the fact that the government can help women in business and that women must make use of such opportunities.

The ladies who represented CPI at the event was Mosa Wesi, Tumi Tlhoro, Kamo November, and Keamo Makatu.

All four ladies said they learned so much on the day, and that they feel empowered to be the best versions of themselves. Here are a few words each of them had to say;

“The event featured all female speakers sharing their stories of building a business, focusing on self-care, develop strengths, bouncing back from failures and heartbreak, and ridding ourselves of negativity. The event has inspired me to take risks in the work that I am doing and focusing on becoming the best ME, it has mencouraged me to attend more Women seminars and it has also encouraged me to motivate and uplift my fellow colleagues at CPI.” - Mosa Wesi

“For me the event was very inspirational. It is always amazing to be around women who choose to support and motivate each other instead of putting each other down. I enjoyed these two speakers in particular, Tshepiso Lebyana and Mamotaki Matekane. Tshepiso and I were close friends in high school so it was amazing to see how successful she is right now, being CEO of her own real estate company and Mamotaki spoke about business opportunities in Lesotho which is something my mother is interested in.” – Tumi Tlhoro

"The speakers at the event were very inspiring, they served as reminders that with consistency and commitment dreams really do come true. I was inspired to be the best version of myself through all seasons of my life.” - Keamo Makatu

“I would have imagined it to be very tricky to do business in Lesotho, as a South African citizen. It turns out not. The speaker that really stood out for me was, Tshepiso of Powerhouse Properties. She encouraged me to be the best at what I do, no matter the obstacles. She has her first property at the age of 23 and now she is doing very well in her career. This to me says that no matter what industry you are in, dominated by any race or gender, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you can make a success of your life.” – Kamo November

Phenomenal Women
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