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The COIDA threshold on maximum earnings has been increased. Government Gazette 41382 includes that the maximum amount, i.e. the earnings threshold, increases from R403 500  to R 430 944. This threshold used to define the maximum value per employee to take into account in calculation of the annual return of earnings W.As8. The new threshold comes into effect on 1 March 2018, a welcome departure from the usual, which was to make increases effective from 1 April.

This COID act provides for compensation for disability in the event of occupational injuries or disease contracted at work, or death resulting from these injuries or diseases.

The same gazette announced the way in which compensation, including the nature and degree of disablement is calculated, nature of benefits and recommended minimum and maximum compensation, which comes into effect 1 April 2018. There is also a 5.8% increase in monthly pensions payable, from the same date.

The Department of Labour is pursuing it’s workshops on the National Minimum Wage (NMW). To see the schedule, please click here. The NMW is scheduled to become effective 1 May 2018.

Council for Conciliation, Meditation and Arbitration

The CCMA has warned of a scam through which people are being targeted under the guide of assisting them to get default rewards, as well as to get Commissioner interviews. The CCMA reminds us that they do not take any form of payment for services that they render, or to ensure interviews, and that emails to this effect should not be acted upon.

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