CPI is proud to announce the launch of a new product – perfectly named as CPI Varsity.

During an invitation to discuss the advantages of using a formal Human Resources Information System at the Central University of Technology in the Free State, CPI identified a need to add a work-related solution to tertiary studies in the HR field.

After more than a year in planning and preparation, CPI launched a first of its kind training solution in conjunction with 2 campuses of the Central University of Technology in the Free State, with approximately 160 enrolled students.

The purpose of this product is not the mere training on how to use a computer system. CPI has created a virtual workplace where each student manages their own company, own employees, as an HR Manager. Daily, weekly and annual events put the students in real world environment for a full 10 months of the year. Resulting in graduates who not know about an Employment Equity submission, but actually has done – in the CPI Varsity virtual workplace.

Lize Labuschagne, Chief Executive Officer says: “CPI Varsity is the next level in notional training. Students will be ready and equipped when entering the formal workplace. Employers looking to appoint Payroll and HR staff have no problem finding candidates with qualifications, finding candidates with both a qualification and experience to run HRIS software system – that is difficult to find! CPI Varsity will be a game changer in the field of training and we are proud to assist graduates to be market ready after their studies.”

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