Bridging staff

The function from beginning to end Our bridging staff service, also known as a conngent workforce or temp staff, incorporates the enre employment funcon from beginning to end. We have the infrastructure and experse to manage the enre bridging staff process while connuously taking into consideraon the following important aspects; Required skills on site Delivery [...]

Protective Clothing

EMPLOYEE OR BRANCH SPECIFIC We offer high quality PPE with the option of branding to protect your people in the workplace. PPE is included for bridging staff and managed through payroll. WHAT WE OFFER Freezer Jackets Safety Boots Gloves Overalls AND MORE QUALITY PROTECTION We have build a strong relationship with suppliers and distributors of [...]


WE COMPLETE TEAMS We don’t fill vacancies, we complete teams. To find someone with the right job title, degree or certificate is easy. Finding someone with the right skill set and true experience is a different ball game. That is where we come in. YOUR NEEDS FIRST With an extensive data base, we pride ourselves [...]

Human Resources

ENHANCE AND SUCCEED The combination of Human Resource Outsourcing as well as the financial payroll outsourcing identified above has historically proven to be more popular. It is our goal to allow you to understand and embrace changes which effect your human resources environment, with a view to enhance the success of your business. WHAT WE [...]


SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY We have partnered with a medical team that can help our clients on site in an effective and timely manner. This service will ensure that work on site continuous without formalities getting in the way. LATEST TECHNOLOGY Our partners are respected on a local and national level as a model [...]

Labour Law

RELIABLE DATA Human capital and the management thereof is essential for the efficient handling of a workforce. Access to reliable information allows management to make informed decisions regarding all aspects of employment. NO MARGIN FOR ERROR Increases, promotions and staff reductions have direct financial repercussions. In today’s margin based economy, companies can no longer deny [...]

Clocking System

OUR GUARANTEE We commit to and stand by the quality of all the products and services we supply. Where applicable, we guarantee compliance to any legal requirements of any of our products and services. When you’re looking for these products / services, surprise yourself and have a look at our pricing. OUR CLOCKING SYSTEMS Biometric [...]


INFORMATION RATHER THAN DATA No more need to fear the start of each tax year. We automatically update: SARS Tax Tables Registered medical aid contributions (January) All applicable payroll legislation All applicable COIDA requirements All applicable collective agreement / council / BCEA legislation Logically gather and present information. Retrieve information in your choice of format [...]