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Payroll Outsourcing
The benefits of outsourcing the financial administration of a company’s payroll include: • No internal employee salary information leak. • Statutory peace of mind - Statutory deductions are carried out diligently & accurately. • Financial data r
Human Capital Outsourcing
The combination of a universal solution including Human Resource Outsourcing as well as a financial payroll outsourcing solution has historically proven to be the most popular choice.   Human Resource Outsourcing allows our clients to hand over the
Contract Recruitment
Contract recruitment or labour outsourcing incorporates the entire employment function from beginning to end. This value added service allows CPI to manage the employment of individuals as well as all the administrative requirements attached thereon. By opting for this option, the following critical
Temporary Staffing
The sourcing of temporary, project or seasonal staff to national and international enterprises, remains one of CPI’s most successful departments. CPI have the infrastructure and expertise to manage a company’s entire temporary staffing process, continuously taking into consider
Professional Placements
With an unparalleled knowledge of recruitment policies and procedures spanning over a decade, CPI’s ability to match individuals to organisations has yielded a number of success stories.  
Payroll & HR Systems
The CPI Payroll & HR application is available in 3 distinctive versions. Small to Medium and even international enterprises need not look any further.  Over 35 countries specific tax tables are
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